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The Ultimate Stage Show

Entertainment with hypnosis, is a real treat for any audience. Initially involving the whole audience in a way that entertains but does not embarrass to build their confidence, volunteers are invited on stage. Only volunteers are used and can return to their seats at any time during the show. During the show the volunteers could become Jockeys, Racing Drivers, Madonna, Models, Martians, Chippendale's, naming just a few of the sketches that could be performed.

All shows are tailored to suit the individual audience

Chris James is a member of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists. Which has a strict code of conduct ensuring the welfare of all volunteers on stage. As a full equity member Chris James has a limited public liability insurance. The show strictly complies with the 1952 HYPNOSIS ACT.

Chris's captivating personality rewards audience's will be with top class all round entertainment.

The standard show lasts for 1 hour and with over two and a half hours of material can be booked into venues more than once a year. It is particularly popular with holiday centres as the show constantly changes. Occasionally depending on budget an evening of Hypnosis with Chris James will be might be more suitable and can last a full 90 minutes.

Booking Enquiries

All booking enquiries must be directed through the agent that directed you to this site I am sorry but I do not take bookings direct.

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