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Involving the audience with demonstrations of Mind Control and Mind Reading audiences are kept enthralled throughout. Volunteers are invited to help in a simple demonstrations including Telepathy, Mind Reading and Mind Control.  Audiences will be astounded as names of people and places only they could have known are revealed to them.  The show is full of audience participation and is guaranteed to be the talking point of the evening.

The Mystries of the Mind Show does not contain any Hypnosis

The use of members of the audience is a natural vehicle for comedy, coupled with the levitation of a member of the audience as a finale creates a MInd Blowing show not to be Missed. This show is a guaranteed to get them talking, keeping them fascinated and entertained throughout.    

Booking Enquiries

All booking enquiries must be directed through the agent that directed you to this site I am sorry but I do not take bookings direct.

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